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The "Fly Trap" Triangle Choke: This submission set up is one of my all time favorite and the #1 submission set up that I have used in competition. I first learned this as a blue belt and have used it successfully all the way through Black belt. (You can click on the video to the right for a preview)

The Rolling Armlock: With this submission set up your opponent will feel like he just shut down your sweep attempt only to find themselves caught in a deep armbar. This technique combines perfectly with the previous technique. When you start putting these two together into a flow drill you will be very dangerous from the closed guard position. 

The "Steam Roller" Kimura: The details you will learn in this series will have your training partners and opponents feeling you are as heavy as a tank. They will be forced to either tap from pressure or give up there arm! It's that good. The pressure alone will force your opponent to panic and start opening up other submissions at the same time.

(You can click the video for a preview)

The "Braulio Choke" From Kimura Defense: Just when your opponent feels like he is stronger than you and defending the kimura, you are going to surprise them out of no where with this slick inverted triangle choke. This is one of my favorite combo attacks from the top side control position and fits in perfectly with the previous lesson in the series.

The Switch Hitter: This will become one of your most dangerous and successful submissions from top side control. This variation of the baseball bat choke is very hard to recognize until it's too late. 

One of the most important details in finishing any submission is shutting off your opponents ability to defend your attacks. This technique does just that!

The "Robson Moura" Straight Armlock: With this submission up your sleeve you will be tapping your opponent and forcing them into the submission and there will be nothing they can do about it.

The "Side Control Strangler" Choke: This choke is nasty... I have taught this choke to a few of my students and every one of them has pulled this off successfully on the mats. Once this is choke is set, the match is over.

X-Guard Sweep To Robson Choke: This is one of my all time favorite chokes and once you see it, it will become one of yours too.

Corkscrew Escape Armlock:  This armbar takes advantage of one of your opponents most common escapes from side control. You will be hitting this on anyone who attempts to use the near side underook corkscrew escape. 

Reverse Ezekial From X-Pass: This choke will take advantage of your opponents natural reaction to avoid the guard pass. It's a very sneaky "surprise choke" that will give almost no time to escape, forcing the tap!

The Zombie Calf Slicer: This a super sneaky calf slicer from your opponent defending your leg drag. This is a calf lock that I came up with personally after getting stuck in the leg drag position and trying to pass. You'll surprise a lot of people with this one.

Calf Slicer From Bottom: This next calf slicer will be from when your opponent tries to leg drag you. Once you find it too late to defend the leg drag you will catch your opponent off guard with this last minute surprise attack!

Armbar From 50/50: The fifty fifty position can be one of the most frustrating positions to be in. With this strategy to set up the armbar and leave your opponent feeling "stuck" will help you enjoy this position just a little bit more!

Triangle Choke From Knee On Belly Position: This triangle is the perfect set up for when your opponent tries to escape the knee on belly position. If you have ever had someone with heavy pressure transition to knee on belly then you know how miserable it feels. With this sneaky set up you will now have a go to finish from the position.

Calf Slicer From Double Under Pass: One of my favorite passes these days is the double unders. The reason I like it so much is that it shuts down all the tricky "modern" style guards such as De La Riva, Spider etc... Now with this variation you will be able to transition straight into a sneaky calf slicer that will have your opponents tapping fast!

Bicep Slicer From Leg Lasso: This is one of my most "sneaky" submissions because your opponent will actually walk right into it thinking they are going to pass your guard. With this bicep slicer in your game you will be tapping people as soon as they attempt to pass your guard!

Robson Moura Cross Guard Armbar #1: This position will be a game changer for you because the fact is not a lot of people know this position. Many people play the cross guard the traditional way but with this new style in your game you will be surprising your training partners a lot.

Robson Moura Cross Guard Armbar #2: Just like the previous move this position will be a game changer for you because the fact is not a lot of people know this position. Many people play the cross guard the traditional way but with this new style in your game you will be surprising your training partners.

The Closed Guard Brabo Choke: The tournament tested brabo choke is a submission that every Jiu-Jitsu fighter needs to know. This variation is not as well known because it comes from the closed guard instead of the top half guard. With this variation you will be tapping people out no matter how big they are!

Armbar From Single Leg Escape: This armbar is sick! The second your opponent tries to escape side control by coming up on a single leg you will already be falling back for the armbar before they even know what's happening.


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